Friday, November 11, 2011

My Research Paper Topic

In my english composition class; My teacher wants us to do a research paper on a specific topic that relates to education. I dropbox her my topic at least three times because I was not sure of the topic that I should do my research on. But, I finally decide that I will relate education to video games because they can be used to teach children how to do math problems or how to spell words out. Having video games in schools that can help children learn better would kind of be like them having a virtual teacher that is very effective in showing the kids how to do the work, learn from it and have fun playing it at the same time. There are even websites like Nick Jr. that have games that the kids could play at home with mom and dad and learn how to read or count, there are plenty of opportunities that video games give children to learn but most people just feel like video games are all bad at least thats what I see most of them time. Video games do not only help children learn but also can be used for therapeutic purposes, and also as stress relievers. So, in reality video games have a lot affect on not only children's lives but also the lives of most adults in positive ways, as far as I can see they are very helpful. So what if most games are violent, they can be used as stress relievers from a hard stressful day of work or school, and even if someone was just having a bad day. Turn on your PS3, pop a game in and get ready to start feeling better in a matter of seconds.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

An Interesting Blog

I recently seen a blog on a topic of what they thought was awesome. I read it and the person spoke about how having to wake up very early in the morning during winter and clicking on the news channel to see if your school was closed for the day. I found that to be very awesome myself because I remember the days when I had to wake up at like 6:30 a.m. and the first thing I would do is turn right to the news channel and hope and pray that my school was closed for the day. Most of the time though.......It wasn't but on the days that they were; I'd be so happy that I'd scream YES! and then go right back to sleep afterwards. Man I miss those days, but as time passes and you get older, that option is no longer open because either, you graduate and end up working a full-time job or you go to college which barely gives you any days off. It's fine though, you have to grow up someday right? Eventually there will be no days off and everyone'll remember the days like these when they get older and look back. Well, at least I will and I hope that everyone else will to because it's the little things that count i the end.