Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I have finally finished my research paper for my college composition class and I feel GREAT! I actually took a little bit more time out of my day in order to work on it and make sure that I at least wrote a decent enough essay. I did find it somewhat of a challenge to incorporate the usage of video games in education because when I was searching for sources I really did not come across a lot of information on the topic. I sat and I thought about it before I gave up and then I re-worded the topic of which I called "Video Games in Education" after that I began to find many more articles on the my topic. Although, I did not take a lot of information from my sources I believe in my own judgement because I was once that little kid who was introduced to video games at a young age and they did make me violent to some extent but they allowed me to do things I could not do in the real world but at the same time only that person can control whats really going on in their heads and understand why video games make them that way but in the end it is still not justified because a person chooses to play the video game and they also choose to be violent. My mother was not a strict parent but she definitely had a problem with me playing video games when I was younger because they made me hyperactive and I made a lot of noise and had a few fights in school because of them so of course she wouldn't want me playing them but on the other hand though, video games can be educational and can be an awesome learning experience for children and teach them how to do simple math problems or learn how to read and things like that. These types of video games should be taken into consideration because they may be one of the best learning tools that a child can have and we will never know when we may need something like that to help a child learn.

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