Friday, October 14, 2011

What's awesome to me

When I come home which sometimes is rare; My baby sister will run up to me and give me a huge hug and kiss. I feel that is awesome to me because when i'm having a bad day or if i'm in a bad mood, this little girl will make my day by doing just that. Even when i'm having a great day, it'll just make my day a whole lot better than it already was. She may not know how much that hug means to me but I think it's the thought that counts and for her to love me the way she does makes my life just a little bit better everyday and for that I thank her. She is a little princess, born on christmas day and I feel that makes her a blessing from the heavens and i'm going to do everything in my power in order to make sure that she is safe, happy and loved because she makes me happy and makes me feel loved so i'm going to make sure she feels the same. I'm going to start coming home early everyday just to see her cute little face and get that big hug from her, I love my little sister.

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